Success Stories


12 year old Malini Wellamuttu spent her entire life teaching children in a town in Kalpitty. She along with her husband started Modern English School in Puttalam with the aim of educating the young. The husband & wife duo came to Colombo in the 1990's as her son got transferred as a Police inspector. In 1993 her husband succumbed to cancer and last year her son too expired, leaving her with no support system.

Her daughter-in-law moved away to live life separately saying that she was young and didn't want an added burden of an aging mother-in-law. She found shelter under the roof of a generous couple Mr. and Mrs. Fernando who are extremely fond of her.

She didn't want to be completely dependent on the hospitality of the Fernando and got herself enrolled into Samosa's Sponsor - A programme which has made a tremendous difference in her life. It has given her a sense of independence and even though her granddaughter repeatedly insists that She stay with her she doesn't want to be a burden on anyone. With her basic daily needs met under the project she doesn't anymore.

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